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Boardrooms and training facilities are important environments. Projection screens are among the many necessary considerations when creating a meeting space that maximizes the potential of today's presentation tools.

Often the selection of a Projection Screen is not given much thought. Selecting the right Projection Screen is a critically important element in a Video Display System. It is the final link in the picture deliver process and the visual focus of the entire room. The quality of many display systems is sometimes unfortunately compromised owing to improper selection of cheap and poor quality viewing surfaces.

Motorised Projection Screens

Our Motorised Projection Screens help you to present professionally crafted presentations to portray your organization, deliver training materials and get valuable attention. They are ideal for use in company corporate boardrooms, hotel conference rooms, school and college classrooms, auditoria and home theatres. They provide the luxury of automation, are easy to install and can also be easily cleaned.


  • Designed for controlled and uniform rolling of screen fabric, the motor is concealed within the roller, which ensures smooth and quiet operation.
  • The European motors are high quality equipped with internal thermal overload protection guarateeing trouble free usage.
  • Available in superior imported viewing surfaces which are best suited for Front projection.
  • They can be lowered or raised using a 3-way rocker switch (included in the cost) or optional Original RADIO remote control. The screen stops automatically in the UP and DOWN positions.
  • High quality at low cost.

  • Electrically operated 220V, AC 50Hz single-phase motor mounted inside roller tube 3-wire instantly reversible type with brake.
  • Equipped with internal thermal overload protection. Preset limit switch setting automatically stops the screen in UP and DOWN position.
  • 3-position control switch or radio-remote control stops or reverses screen direction at any point in the operating cycle.
  • Robust square or hexagonal case in powder coated metal casing.
  • Wall or ceiling mounted.


Screen dimensions Overall Box size
1) 52" x 70" 76 1/2"
2) 60" x 60" 66 1/2"
3) 60" x 80" 87"
4) 72" x 96" 101"
5) 90" x 120" 127"
6) 108" x 144" 152"

Larger sizes can be made to order and installed on a turnkey basis. Overall case length dimension +/- 1".

Wall Automatic Roll-back Spring Action

This is a wall or ceiling mounting screen. This comprises of the viewing surface rolled over a spring roller and encased in a barrel (box type casing). It has two brackets for mounting on walls. The screen has to be pulled down and the handle affixed on a hook. After use, the screen will wind automatically upwards on release of the handle owing to the Spring Action mechanism.


Tripod Automatic Roll-back Spring Action

This is a Tripod type screen. Similar to the WARSA model, it consists of the viewing surface rolled over a spring roller and encased in a barrel (box type casing). There are no brackets but instead, a folding, mobile TRIPOD stand is incoporated in the design enabling mobility of the screen and setting up anywhere on flat ground.


Map-type Manual Rolling

As the name suggests, this is a map type screen. It is the most basic model wherein the viewing surface has two steel tubes on either side. There is a handle for suspension on any hook or stand. This screen has to be manually unwound / wound. It comes with a plastic cover for storage.

Projector Stand / Tripod Stand

Projector Stands are used for OHPs, slide and LCD projectors. All four legs are detachable and their height is adjustable. They have a handle and can be carried as a small bag. They can be set up anywhere on flat ground.

Tripod stands are portable and consist of a height adjustable upper pipe with a folding tripod base. They are used to suspend MMR (Map Manual Rollback) screens. They are available in two sizes - regular and big.

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